The jsonrpc application is a JSON-RPC proxy that can cache, filter, throttle, meter and authenticate requests to a JSON-RPC endpoint.

The application is configured via a toml file, described below:


Proxy a JSON-RPC endpoint publicly

You set up a node and want to proxy. You expose all JSON-RPC methods on your node but only want to expose the eth_ namespace publicly, with HTTP Basic authentication:

endpointUrl="" # IP of your node
cacheStoragePath="/var/jsonrpccache" # Cache location

Local development

You have a local development and you’re using a service such as Infura or Alchemy, but you want to work without calling the service constantly.

endpointUrl="" # service URL
cachedMethods=[""] # All methods are cached
cacheStoragePath="/var/jsonrpccache" # Cache location
allowedMethods=[""] # All methods are enabled