The hobbits-relayer application showcases how to use the Hobbits protocol to pass messages between different networks.

hobbits-relayer --help
Usage: <main class> [-h] [-b=<bind>] [-t=<to>]
  -b, --bind=<bind>   Endpoint to bind to
  -h, --help          Prints usage prompt
  -t, --to=<to>       Endpoint to relay to

Example use:

Relay messages over TCP from port 21000 to 22000:

hobbits-relayer -b tcp://localhost:21000 -t tcp://localhost:22000

Relay messages over UDP from port 2222 to 4444:

hobbits-relayer -b udp://localhost:2222 -t udp://localhost:4444

Relay messages from a Web Socket port 2222 to a TCP server on 4444:

hobbits-relayer -b ws://localhost:2222 -t tcp://localhost:4444