Apache Tuweni

Tuweni is a Lakota language word which means both never and nobody.

What is Apache Tuweni?

Apache Tuweni is an incubating project of the Apache Software Foundation originating from the Cava project at ConsenSys.

The project is mostly Java with sprinkles of Kotlin.

Why Apache Tuweni?

Tuweni stems from the need to create libraries for peer-to-peer, blockchain-based projects.

We saw a great deal of fragmentation in the blockchain space early on.

There are two facets to the project.

One is to allow an easy path to standards and adoption by developers of peer to peer and blockchain-related technologies.

The other is to offer an open home for technology to strive away from the conflicting interests of different blockchain groups. The Apache Software Foundation being a merit-based organization allows for such an organic community to form.

Committer rights are bestowed on individuals for their contributions, and are tied to their identity, rather than their day job.

What can I use Apache Tuweni for?

Apache Tuweni is organized in roughly 4 sections:

  • Low level libraries for bytes and units, as well as popular blockchain serialization formats such as RLP and SSZ.
  • Crypto libraries based off sodium and bouncycastle, for summetric and asymmetric encryption as well as hashing.
  • Ethereum centric libraries to evaluate domain objects, index chains, implementing ethereum wire protocol and the LES subprotocol, the discv4 and discv5 discovery protocols.
  • Blockchain and peer to peer network libraries reprising the above, adding secure scuttlebutt and hobbits.

Who is Apache Tuweni?

Apache Tuweni is maintained by volunteers at the Apache Software Foundation.

You too can participate.