tuweni / org.apache.tuweni.les / LESSubprotocol / <init>


LESSubprotocol(coroutineContext: CoroutineContext = Dispatchers.Default, blockchainInfo: BlockchainInformation, serveHeaders: Boolean, serveChainSince: UInt256, serveStateSince: UInt256, flowControlBufferLimit: UInt256, flowControlMaximumRequestCostTable: UInt256, flowControlMinimumRateOfRecharge: UInt256, repo: BlockchainRepository, pendingTransactionsPool: TransactionPool, connectionSelectionStrategy: ConnectionSelectionStrategy, listener: (WireConnection, Status) -> Unit = { _, _ -> })

The LES subprotocol entry point class, to be used in conjunction with RLPxService

This subprotocol is implemented after the specification presented on the * Ethereum wiki.


coroutineContext - the Kotlin coroutine context

blockchainInfo - blockchain information to send to peers

serveHeaders - whether to serve headers

serveChainSince - block number at which to start serving blocks

serveStateSince - block number at which to start serving state

flowControlBufferLimit - limit of bytes to send

flowControlMaximumRequestCostTable - cost table for control flow

flowControlMinimumRateOfRecharge - rate of recharge for cost

repo - the blockchain repository this subprotocol will serve data from

listener - a listener for new connections when a status message is provided

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