tuweni / org.apache.tuweni.eth.repository / BlockchainRepository / <init>


BlockchainRepository(chainMetadata: KeyValueStore<Bytes, Bytes>, blockBodyStore: KeyValueStore<Bytes, Bytes>, blockHeaderStore: KeyValueStore<Bytes, Bytes>, transactionReceiptStore: KeyValueStore<Bytes, Bytes>, transactionStore: KeyValueStore<Bytes, Bytes>, stateStore: KeyValueStore<Bytes, Bytes>, blockchainIndex: BlockchainIndex, meter: Meter? = null, coroutineContext: CoroutineContext = Dispatchers.Default)

Repository housing blockchain information.

This repository allows storing blocks, block headers and metadata about the blockchain, such as forks and head information.


chainMetadata - the key-value store to store chain metadata

blockBodyStore - the key-value store to store block bodies

blockHeaderStore - the key-value store to store block headers

transactionReceiptStore - the key-value store to store transaction receipts

transactionStore - the key-value store to store transactions

stateStore - the key-value store to store the global state

blockchainIndex - the blockchain index to index values

meter - an optional metering provider to watch metrics in the repository